Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sewing With Nancy

Sewing With Nancie, were a band that appeared now and then in Windsor, Ont. and since become defunct.

Adam sings plays guitar, Ronson plays bass and sings a bit, James plays guitar and sings, he is the new guy and Juice plays drums.

How long has the band been together?

It started in 1996 with Adam and I being originals, James is about 3 months in and Juice we got about a year ago.

How did it start?

Just a couple of high school kids wanting to play guitar, plus a little attitude here and there.

How do you come up with the name?

There was a show on TV Ontario called Sewing With Nancy, Adam and I shared a home economics class where the teacher was all about the show and we ended up watching it quite a bit, a couple years later when just starting the band we recalled the show and found it humourous, so stupidly we named the band that and have been stuck with it ever since.

Describe your music..

I'd like to think it's really hard hitting, we all have alot of energy in our daily lives and relationships with people so we want to bring that out in the music too.

Who are your influences?

We each have our own influences, James and I are is into the reggae dub shit, classic rock and a bunch of other weird stuff, adam likes the Wu-Tang a whole lot, and juice is slowly opening his 17 year old mind to things other than punk rock. We do share some common influneces though. CD's from Propagandi, Dr. Dre, Millencolin, U2, NOFX and tons of other stuff get played in the van on long drives.

Describe the song writing process...

Usually adam comes in with an initial idea, we work on it for a bit and after some minor adjustments and input from everyone we hopefuly reach a point where we all think it sounds good enough to play. During recording sometimes stuff gets added and then we just adjust live to the new harmonies or whatever it is. James and I are going to start bringing in more material so there can be a bigger lot of songs to chose from when it comes time to do an album.

Tell me about your new release on Fastmusic..

It's our first real full length, some of the songs have been around for a while but this is the first chance we've had to get them to a wide audience. It's good. You should buy it, please.

How does the split with Ruth's Hat differ?

The split with Ruth's Hat was a CD made just for the summer tour, it was something fun to add to the tour experience. All covers, 6 songs each band, it was basically fun, covers are a good way to develop arrangement skills. It turns out people like the versions we do, so it just gives us more to play on stage.

What else have you recorded?

We started way back with a couple tapes, basement recordings, a 7" and an EP we're also put out ourselves. Then we did 'the same three chords' which is basically the new CD give or take 4 songs. The only difference was that we put it out ourselves in Canada.

How does "Take a Look at Yourself" differ from your previous releases?

It's just more polished, we threw some more up to date songs on with the classics we wanted to keep. We don't really consider the other releases as much more than steps from a growing process.

On the album you cover a Madonna and a Cindi Lauper song, what was the signifiance?

Adam is a pussy and he likes to listen to the 80's light rock radio station in his car. Plus how can you beat Madonna, she's like 45 and she is still damn hot!

Which release is your favorite?

The new one for sure it's the only one we can be really happy with.

How did you hook up with Fast Music?

Good old email, we sent them a package they liked the stuff and dropped us a line wondering if we where interested.

Who have you toured with?

We've only been on one major tour, with Ruth's Hat. Recently we've done some small tours around Ontario with Flashlight Brown. We are also going back out west in March with a band called Majority D from our hometown Windsor.

Where have you toured?

The summer took us across Canada going west and then down into California and then back across the states. I unfortunatly missed the whole US part due to my drug habit mixing with the border a couple years ago. I missed meeting Billie Joe, can you beleive that shit!

Who else have you guys do show with?

We've played with tons of bands in Ontario, we've had Digger down to Windsor, tell you the truth we never got too many good opening spots so I don't recall any bands that would catch anyone's ear.

Is there a favorite band you liked to do shows with?

Yeah we've made a lot of friends across Ontario through different bands, Flashlight Brown was a sweet time, Thugz, Vermicious Knids, and a bunch of others out of the Port Dover/Simcoe/Brantford region always have good shows. Bands in London like the Candy Darlings, Once for All and of course Ruth's Hat. We've had good times with so many bands I can't even start, I don't want to leave anyone out.

Is there a favorite place you like to do shows?

Ontario has a lot of good scenes, real people who want to go to a show and have a good time, it's also the favorite because it's we're the most people know us.

What is the Windsor scene like?

The Windsor scene was like nothing 5 years ago, but it's just kept growing and growing and now we can get a few hundred people out on a regular basis. It helps that there's actually good bands, and if that keeps up it'll just keep growing.

What do you see is the future of Sewing With Nancie?

Lot's of driving and sleeping in the van, we all just want to get on the road, get the hell out of Windsor and see what happens. Europe or Japan or anywhere outsided North America would really be nice in the far future too, just to go there with a purpose and not have to do the tourist thing and lay down a few grand would be sweet.

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