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Combat 77 ***New Interview***

Combat 77 are not really a recording band, like the Vice Squad and the Warrior Kids, they save their talent for the stage. Not to say that they do not have any good songs, they are just really busy doing shows. Thundering out of Germany, Combat 77, have done a ton shows in the last few years and on stage they more flammable than a Great White concert (I know bad pun). Combat 77 just plain rock live. I got the band to sit down and answer some questions...

Introduce yourself...

Kirsten – vocals, Dole – guitar, Noppi – guitar, Hannes – bass, Bjorn - drums

How did the band start?

In early 2007. Kirsten and Bjorn (from Hanover), who had previously been together in bands like Vendetta and Annex5, planned to start an Oi! punk band with female vocals. Eventually they asked Dole from the band “Riot Company” (from Hildesheim) who didn´t hesitate to take bass player Hannes on board. Since Bjorn already had a lot of musical ideas and lyrics written down before, the new band started doing their first gigs after only a few successful rehearsals. Later that year, Combat 77 recorded their first 5 song demo tape in a studio in Hamburg. It sold out almost immediately and got them a record deal with Sunny Bastards and Contra Records who released the 14 song album “100% Oi!” as CD and LP in early 2008.

How did you come up with the name?

We wanted the oi! as well as the punk spirit to be reflected in the name, so “combat” is the oi!- side and “77” the punk one.

Who would you say your influences are?

Mostly classic British oi! bands from the early 80s like Cock Sparrer, The Last Resort, The Business, The Adicts, Vice Squad, 4 Skins etc.

What is the punk scene like in Germany?

Used to be much more original and unique in the early days. Nowadays a lot of people seem to forget that punk is just rebellion and not extreme left wing propaganda with p.c. hippie attitude. Apart from this, a quite healthy oi! scene has emerged over the last few years with tons of bands, gigs and festivals all over the country.

Describe the song writing process...

Drummer Bjorn usually composes everything at home and sends digital keyboard versions with notes via mail to all members so that everyone gets an idea of how the song would sound like. Then everyone practices their parts at home, so when a rehearsal date is scheduled, the new song functions instantly.

Your first album was '100% Oi', tell us about the album...

It was recorded in Hamburg by a guy named Gregor who has a very good sense in capturing a band´s musical intentions; he also functions as a kind of producer and offers a lot of great ideas. “100% Oi!” was recorded, mixed and mastered in 6 days, and we are very satisfied with the result.

Your second release was a split with Clockwork Rebel and Riot Company, tell us about the split...

This split didn´t come together; it was supposed to be released by Czech label Tiger Records but was postponed again and again. Eventually, it came out entitled “The Kids Strike Back” on German KB records and also features the bands Riot Company, Thunderbirds, Subculture Squad and Platzverweis. “The Kids Strike Back” was released in 2009, and our songs are taken from our first demo.

You guys then appeared on two compilations, 'the Riot Connection' and 'Son of a Bastard Vol 2', tell us about the compilations...

The “Riot Connection” compilation cd includes oi! punk bands from Germany and Indonesia: Lion-Shield, Anti-Squad, Combat77, United Blood, Guts n Glory, The Stomper, Volxsturm, Under 18, Verlorene Jungs, The End, Eastside Boys, Keotik, Stammtischprolls, The Gros and many more… . It was released by a good friend of ours from Hanover, who had been in Indonesia several times and met a lot of upstriving bands there. You still might be able to get a copy of this great release at:

The „Son of a Bastard“ compilation cds are nice price releases from our label “Sunny Bastards” presenting all bands from the current label catalogue. On Vol. 3 there is one Combat 77 non-album song included called “Unwanted Rebels”. Get your copy at:

In 2010, you guys appeared on several compilations, is there a favorite?

A very good one is the Moloko Plus zine compilation cd since most of the songs on it are previously unreleased. Other bands on it are: 7er Jungs, Bad Co Project, Volxsturm, Towerblocks, Roimungstrupp, Rejected Youth, Guts´n´Glory, Frontkick and Urban Rejects. More info:

You guys then did a split with Indulgencia, tell us about the split...

Indulgencia are a punk band from Russia, they contacted us via MySpace and we agreed to use some of our album songs for a split album to be released for Russia.

Are there any plans for another album?

At the moment we are working on new songs, but it will probably take a bit longer this time.

Do you prefer to do shows at small clubs or large venues?

It depends on the venue and the audience. Sometimes smaller shows can have a better atmosphere or even a better sound than bigger places.

Where have you toured?

In February 2009 we did a two weeks´ tour in China which was very exciting (You can read the whole story at: We´ve also had a couple of gigs in Hungary.

Who are some of the band you have done shows with?

The Business, Deadline, Misfits, Evil Conduct, Los Fastidios, The NoName, Mi San Dao (both from China), Oi! Squad (from Hong Kong), Hateful, Bonecrusher, Agitators, Suspekt… .

Is there a favorite band you like to do shows with?

Cock Sparrer or The Adicts would be some of our favourites.

Is there a favorite place you like to do shows at?

Maybe Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, in case we get a decent time slot in the order of appearance and a fair deal.

What do you see is the future of Combat 77?

Having fun, trying to play good shows and releasing great new songs.

How can people contact the band? You can also contact us via our MySpace site: Hope to see you at one of our future gigs. Cheers + Prost!

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