Friday, July 1, 2011

Drones ***New Interview***

Drones are a great band from the UK. So far they have released an EP and they have done some great shows. They have a small following and great track on their page. I got the band to tell their story...

Introduce yourself…
Hey, we’re Drones, a Punk Rock trio from Camberley, Surrey. Now been together for just a year.

How did the band start?
It started with Me (Daly) and Mitchell as our their last band split. Mitchell came back from Uni and we decided to form a new band. So we started writing a couple of new songs together in his front room. We were on the lookout for bassists for a while, I called Kerr on his way to work saying “would he be up for it”, and his reaction was “I’m well up for it, but I’m late work”. So as soon as his shift finished I got a call, basically saying “Yeah, I’m in”.

How did you come up with the name?
It came from the meaning of a Rise Against song, like don’t want to fall in a mindless state and just wonder through life.

Who would you say are your influences?
Kerr: Rancid, Anti Flag and Green Day. Matt Freeman, Mike Dirnt and Chris #2 are my biggest influences as a bassist.
Mitchell: Gallows, Rise Against, Propagandhi.
Daly: The Distillers, The Clash, Phinius Gage.

What is the punk scene like in the UK?
There’s a very tight knit underground scene that not many people know about. We travel around the country and it’s amazing how many people know you or have heard of you from elsewhere. There’s always some sort of DIY punk show going around, especially in big cities like London.

Describe the song writing process...
We essentially all lock ourselves in a humid, windowless room, throw ideas back and forth for the music, shout at each other a lot, eat a lot of Doritos, and eventually come up with a song. We then start penning the lyrics down – we always make sure it’s on a topic we all feel quite passionately about. There’s no point playing a song your heart isn’t in.

What have you released?
So far only an EP last year called “Assassins Of Youth”. This year we’ll be releasing a full length album ourselves (with the help of London Promoter Loz from Beerbelly Promotions) called “Mutiny”. We’re currently just finishing off vocals to the record.

Who are some of the bands you have done shows with?
We’ve played with an eclectic mix of bands the last year but one of our favourites has to be Guildford’s SR Radio. We’ve also played with American band Authority Zero, ska-punkers The Junk, Johnny One-Lung of the Filaments and Liverpudlians Chief.

Do you prefer to do shows at large venues or small clubs?
Definitely small clubs. We’ve played a few large venues and the atmosphere just isn’t the same. We like to get involved with the audience and you can’t do that with a barrier between you.

Have you toured?
The closest we’ve come to a “tour” was playing Wales one day and Birmingham the next. We are hoping to tour soon, but considering we all work in the same department getting the time off work is a nightmare!

Is there a favourite band you like to do shows with?
There’s no one band we could say is our favourite – we love all the bands we’ve met along the way and can’t wait to meet more. The best part of this whole experience is meeting new people and seeing new places.

Is there a favourite place you like to do shows at?
One of our favourite venues is Epsom Native Tongue. It’s about the size of four small cars and an absolute sweatbox, but it always kicks off in there.

Do you see is the future of the Drones?
We hope once this record is released we can travel the UK to many sweaty basements and make a statement. We want to give people a night to remember every time we play a gig.

How can people contact the band?
You can contact us at, or visit us at Email us for bookings, queries, or just a chat!

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