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A Minor Revolution ***New Interview***

A Minor Revolution is a great punk from New Hampshire. They have a great live show. They have released a few demos and have a full length in the wooks. They have also shared the stage with some amazing bands. I got Ryan to tell their story...

Introduce yourself…
I'm Ryan. I'm one of the band's two guitarist/singers. Pat is our other guitarist/singer. When he's singing main's, I'm playing leads and vice-versa. Zack holds it down on the beat skins and AJ is a relatively new addition to the band as bassist, but fit in perfectly with our style and attitudes.

How did the band start?
About three years ago, in the beginning of the summer of 2008 I met Zack and Pat at their apartment at UNH in Durham, NH. I admit, I was on a hunt for some tail but ended up drinking a bunch of beers and covering NOFX songs with these guys on our acoustics until the wee hours of the morning. It became pretty clear to us that we should think about actually playing together.
I'm pretty sure that during our first practice, someone just popped in (we were at the Greens, so the doors were always open for passers-by) and asked if we wanted to play a block party called "Cinco De Mustache." Our original line-up for that show included our long time friend and punk-peer Adam Femino, from the band OC45 on bass. It was pretty funny because out of all of us, he had the best stage presence. The rest of us just looked akward like we were doing something wrong. Adam was jumping all over the place and sticking his tongue out. He definitely made me want to move around.

How did you come up with the name?
We were originally called The Pounding 40s. We came up with the name right before that first show (like 10 minutes before...) and we stuck with it for about a year. Once we built up a reasonable list of original songs, we decided to go with a name that sounded a bit more serious and to the point, in reference to our lyrical content. I think Zack is the one who actually originally coined the phrase "A Minor Revolution," and the name just sounded perfect. A lot of our songs are written in A Minor (technically A-flat Minor,) so there's a play on words to being with. It has had a few different meanings and all are relevant. Every revolution starts out small, as an idea or a concept. It always starts with one person, or one small group. I think revolution is in the heart of all of us; however being a figurehead for a revolution often has more responsibilities than payoffs. We hope to encourage that small idea and small group to defy whatever odds may exist and produce whatever change they see fit for the world.

Who would you say are your influences?
We all have pretty deep set roots in Punk Rock. NOFX is a big one for Zack and I. I mean we grew up listening to Fat Mike bitch about everything from vegans to vaginas. Pat has a deep love for pure rock; bands like the Foo Fighters, Alkaline Trio, and Rage Against The Machine have been very strong influences. AJ is straight outta Massachutsets! Deeply engrained in that working-class skinhead punk like The Bruisers, The Dropkicks, and the Clash. Zack has been more and more into the eclectic stylings of folk rock and jazz. He has been lucky enough to play with one of our big influences, Mischief Brew, with his other band, The Geoff Useless Band (former Guts singer and Queers alum, Geoff Palmer heads this group.)
Really anything that has something important to say is worth listening to. Some of the biggest influences on my song writing aren't even from the bands I listen to the most. It's that random chord progression or signature change that really gets me going and you just have to listen to everything to get that real "everything" feel.

What is the punk scene like in New Hampshire?
New Hampshire itself is a tough one. We really play throughout New England, and each area has it's native genre. However, it's more like a New England Local Music Scene than anything else. For a while, we had played more shows with rappers than punks, mostly because we had yet to venture into Massachutsetts (AJ fixed that!) There's a lot to be said about the NE scene. It's warm, welcoming, and busy busy busy! We've been pretty much non-stop since we started. There have been some local Indy record labels that have helped us along the way. The family aspect of music definitely thrives in the North East, and I think part of that is a similar message of individuality and personal responsibility.

Describe the song writing process...
We don't really have any set way of writing; each of our songs has sort of taken its own path. When we started out, Pat and Zack had already written a few songs that were almost done; they just needed that full-band touch. The first four songs I wrote for the band were written pretty much in one session each. Born Free was written in about an hour, out on the porch at Zack and Pat's place. I was so excited when I finished it, I ran in and we just started playing with it. Our songs tend to take a long time to develop, especially now. Speaking for myself here, but most of the songs I write actually write themselves. I'm not a classically trained guitarist, or lyricist so I find it very difficult to sit down with the intent of writing a song. I almost have to catch myself at that perfect moment where an idea is brewing and a guitar is near. We each have our own writing styles but the songs are never really done until we've played them to death and figured out every perfect STOP.... and break.

What have you released?
We have released a few demos over the last couple of years, but we are currently looking to complete our first full-length album called AMRica. We have been producing it totally independantly and at this point we are just thinking of how to distribute. It will definitely be available online soon, so keep your eyes (and ears) open!
We also have a myspace at that has some versions of our songs that don't exist anywhere else. I keep that page maintained for the sole purpose of being able to access those songs.

Who are some of the bands you have done shows with?
We have built up quite the list of cohorts over the years. Our first shows were with bands like Midstep Crisis, the Trailer Sluts, The Cretins, and Police Take notice. When we started to expand out, we got hooked up with some buddies at Flyrock Records in Dover. Eyenine and PT burnem are some of the best rappers I've ever heard. PT has this amazing presence and strength to each syllable as he punches the words out. Eyenine is fast as fuck! He has kick ass get-you-the-fuck-up beats and his lyrical content is amazing. They both produce that kind of FUCKING THINK rap, you know?
We've played with the Burning Street from Boston (Amazing live show! some of the best stage presence you'll find!) and we have a pretty tight crew down there with OC45, THE MORES, More Beer Please, and Taxi Driver. Boston is quickly becoming a second home for us.

Do you prefer to do shows at large venues or small clubs?
Ha! We'd be lucky to have the preference. I suppose the venue  has little to do with it; it's the crowd, and how the people at the venue help you. Beyond all the crap involved with being a band, the people are really the most important thing at any given time.

Have you toured?
We have done some small weekend-long multi state tours, but nothing longer than 4 days, or 2 states away. We all ahve 9-5 jobs, so we tend to do most of our playing out on weekends. I would really like to get a tour together for when the record is released, but obviously our ability to go far depends on how the record does. It's always a toss up when you're playing out. Has the crowd ever even heard of you? Are they obsessed with you? You can never tell what a town is going to be like until you're already on stage.

Is there a favorite band you like to do shows with?
Any show where we play with OC45 will kick you in the nuts, and flip you on your ass. Those boys are wild and they give us so much energy! Catastrophic OK, out of Dover, NH is a band comprised of memeber of previous bands we've been tight with. They are always fun to play with and for some reason, their shows always have plenty of girls ;-)

Is there a favorite place you like to do shows at?
Our heart is in Dover. We've always been treated great by the Brickhouse and Fury's. Amazing sound, great beers and awesome people. When we go down to Mass I really love playing at Gemstones in Lowell, and McGann's in Boston (Right near the TD Bank North Garden.)

What do you see is the future of A Minor Revolution?
It's hard to tell. Like I said before, we're all working and although we'd love this to be our career; it currently isn't. I would really like to see us get a national tour down, but really we just love playing out. I have a feeling that we'll be around for a really long time because we all get along so well and we love what we do. You can guarantee that if we CAN play, we WILL play.

How can people contact the band?
We do our own booking, so just get in touch with me or aj at or We also have a facebook page and we have a website at

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