Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Necrosin ***New Interview***

Necrosin is an awesome punk band out of COncord, CA. They have a great EP out and a few demos. They put on a great live set and have have shared the stage with some great band. They have yet to tour officially, but they have some plans in the works. I got the band to tell their story...

Introduce yourself…
Necrosin (Jimmy Hill, Jeff Hansen, Sam Atalay, Joey Banducci, Josh Caulder)

How did the band start?
Founding members Jimmy and Joey started jamming with founding bassist Cole White in summer of 2009. Shortly after we met Sam on myspace and decided to jam, he became a member and we played our first show in november of 2009. After many shows and line up changes, Necrosin became what it is today.

How did you come up with the name?
Our friend James tossed the name by us and it just stuck.

Who would you say are your influences?
We are strongly influenced by Warbringer, Municipal Waste, Death, and the entirety of Bay Area Thrash.

What is the punk scene like in Concord?
The punk and thrash scene collide into the same crowd...for the most part. Its overall pretty solid. Its coming back from the dead i guess you could say.

Describe the song writing process...
Many many long boring times in a garage just sitting there and throwing riffs and beats around the room until we are satisfied with an entire piece.

What have you released?
A few garage demos were passed around during the early stages of Necrosin with the first 2 line up. But we recently release our first professional EP entitled "Outcast of Society." And are selling them at shows and will soon put them up with a paypal account.

Who are some of the bands you have done shows with?
We have played with a few national acts such as Warbringer, Lazarus AD, Diamond Plate, Bonded By Blood, and Pain Clinic. Along with many local acts.

Do you prefer to do shows at large venues or small clubs?
Any is fine, were always down with playing anywhere.

Have you toured?
Unfortunately we having had the chance to get out on tour due to school and what not, though we are planning on getting out on the road soon!

Is there a favorite band you like to do shows with?
We love playing with local bands a lot. We know most of them so its like we all are just kickin it.

Is there a favorite place you like to do shows at?
The Knitting Factory in Reno, NV.

What do you see is the future of Necrosin?
We are hoping to get picked up by a label, tour, and release multiple albums.

How can people contact the band?
People can contact us by our facebook:

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